Great Advice on How to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Great Advice on How to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Hurrican Harvey Victims

When faced with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Houstonians are coming together to help those in need. Everyone who lives in an area where Harvey struck has been affected by Harvey. If you don’t personally need help, then you know someone who does. People who can help are out there offering help where ever they see a need, whether it’s donating much-needed supplies, donating their time to help at local shelters, or helping others clean up the aftermath of the flood. If you are wondering how you can help, but don’t know where to start, here is some wonderful advice that has been copied and shared by several people on NextDoor on Facebook. I took the liberty of cleaning it up a little to make it easier to read:

Copied from a friend who is now both a Katrina and Harvey survivor 💔

Great Advice on How to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Here are some ideas on how you can reach out to your flooded friends:

Remember they are going to feel uncomfortable being in such a position of need. It’s painful to go from being self-sufficient one day to suddenly not having a pair of shoes with no car to go and buy some new ones. Try to see a need and fill it without asking “what can I do?” Flooded mamas are exhausted and overwhelmed and it’s hard to answer that question.

If you are going to help a friend clean out their homes, here are a few items that are helpful to bring:
Cleaning/packing Supplies:
Masks- ventilator
Paper towel
Disposable gloves
Lysol/Clorox wipes
Cardboard boxes
Packing tape
Hand sanitizer
Mosquito repellent

Suggested snacks to bring:
Water bottles
Fresh fruit and veggies washed and cut up (we’ve all been eating highly processed food out of bags for days)

Ideas for questions to ask:
1. Does everyone in your family have shoes? If not, can I go pick some up? What size?
2. Do you have anyone coming to help you cut out walls? If not, can I call a few water mitigation companies to get quotes for you?
3. Do you have any laundry I can wash?
4. I have hand-me-downs from my kids, what sizes would be helpful?
5. Can I help arrange playdates for your kids?
6. Do you have any medications you would like me to call about getting replaced?
7. I’m making a trip to HEB today, please tell me 3 things I can pick up for you
8. Can I pack a school lunch for your child this week?
9. Is there anywhere I could give you a ride to?
10. I’d like to take you to pick up your rental car. Please call me when it’s available.
11. Please call me when you are ready for a ride home after you drop off your rental car.

Check in with your friend a week or two later. There is a lot of help at the beginning. After a few weeks, life goes back to normal for most, but flooded families are still trying to find a new normal and may be moving into apartments or juggling car research before a big purchase, etc.

For advice on what to do after your home floods, please check out my other post here.

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Be well, do good deeds and keep in touch,

Melissa (carrying-on-bravely) Shantel

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