About Me

Yay, you’re here! You finally found me. Now we can be friends. (*happy dance*) I’d like that, how ’bout you? Great! So let me get started by saying:

Welcome to A Daily Miscellany!  I’m your hostess Melissa Shantel, and I am so glad you’re here! Thank you for sticking around to find out what ADM is all about. Please, have a seat, sit back, relax, and let me tell you a little bit about myself and this blog.

Who IS Melissa Shantel?

It’s pretty simple, really. I am an ordinary mommy who likes pretty things. I am a Christian, a wife, and a homeschool mom of five boys and one girl. I bet you’re thinking ‘Wow. She must be busy!’ Let me just say that I am, but I have a really awesome husband who helps out every. single. day. with the dishes, laundry, cleaning and the kids. I am so blessed. I have my hands full, my house is always in a state of chaos, and I’m always buying containers to organize something around the house. (confession – I’m totally addicted to containers – anyone else?)

I love, love, love to read. I used to read nothing but historical fiction. Then I fell in love with dystopian novels when a friend recommended Hunger Games to me. When I finished those books, I kept going in the same direction and started reading young adult novels. There’s nothing like teenage dramas to help you put your life into perspective, let me tell you! Remember those teenage years? *shudders*.

Oh, and just so you know, I’m not exclusively young adult, I have been known to read adult (grownup) fiction occasionally, but there tends to be a lot less cussing and sex in young adult fiction, which I appreciate. My family will tell you that the dystopian novels have gone to my head, though, because I felt a strong need to start preparing for the upcoming zombie apocalypse. My kids are soo embarrassed when I talk about it. Hehehe.

Moving on… I also enjoy drawing and scrapbooking, but I hardly ever have time for those things anymore (remember hands full, chaos, six kids, etc?) At least with reading, I can read books stored on my cell phone while I am hiding from my kids in the bathroom. Shhh, don’t tell them that, though!

What’s A Daily Miscellany?

I decided to start A Daily Miscellany as a much needed creative outlet for myself (Myself. Me. Mine. I’m not sharing with my kids!) Aaany-how, I found myself thinking of a wide miscellany 😉 of post ideas, putting my own spin on things. One day I decided to start writing these ideas down, and when I reached seventy-five post ideas, I decided to start my own blog. However, I am not a tech-savvy kind of gal, so it’s taking me a lot longer than I had originally thought to get this whole blog thing up and running.

I tamoxifen cost keep reading where the experts say that you need to niche down, hammer out a niche, pick one and stick with it. But that’s really hard for me to do! I’m too scatter brained, or as I like to put it, eclectically gifted. *ahem* Sooo, A Daily Miscellany is going to be a hodgepodge of things great and small, hilarious and serious, healthy, educational, yummy, and hopefully interesting. I hope that each post you read will make you go hmmm!

However. I can’t guarantee that everything that is posted on A Daily Miscellany is going to be as awesome as I had hoped. I’m still learning the ropes. I’m human and I make mistakes, and sometimes, I just can’t make things work the way I want prednisone them to. So WARNING: at some point in time (hopefully not too many), I may unknowingly post a stinker. I apologize in advance for those, and if you would point them out to me, I will try to revamp them into something better one of these days.

In the spirit of honesty, my goal for this blog is to make enough money so that my awesome husband will be able to stay at home with his family and start his own business, doing something that he enjoys. So, I appreciate any support you throw my way!

That’s about it. I probably forgot to mention some things, and perhaps I told you things you didn’t really need to know, but, hey, it’s all good, right?

Oh, wait! I forgot to tell you, I am also a Texan, from the Houston area. So, yee-haw y’all!

Thank you!

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